Coussin's guide forms a lovely and thorough introduction to the ancient art of bonsai.

The book "Bonsai School was in my mailbox two days ago. The best thing I can say about the book is that after just a couple of pages I started saying to myself, "

I didn't know that". After 23 years of bonsai it was great to see a book that was teaching me new things page after page. The book is a beautiful book.

It is the first book that I believe that I could use "as is" as a text book to teach a very complete course on bonsai. I'm not certain how you will produce a "College of Bonsai" but I want a copy as soon as it's off the press. It is going to be a very successful book with a long shelf life at the stores."

Joe Day

Bonsai Teacher, Alabama

Colour photographs.

With colour photographs on almost every page, Coussin's guide forms a lovely and thorough introduction to the ancient art of bonsai gardening.
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The book covers every aspect of the art, from choosing a plant and a pot to training a bonsai with wiring and pruning techniques.


In addition to introductory sections on the evolution of bonsai and the relation between bonsai gardening and Buddhism, the book contains dozens of short articles by experienced bonsai gardeners from around the world. Italian Bonsai artist, Patrizia Capellaro, for example, explains how to style a large juniper bonsai, while American Lit Van Phan analyzes how the miniature landscape style Hon
Non Bo reflects the larger landscapes of Viet Nam This is an excellent manual for anyone eager to try his or her hand at a hobby that just might offer "a lifelong path to enlightenment," as Coussins suggests.
Coussin's guide forms a lovely and thorough introduction to the ancient art of bonsai.Click to Tweet

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