Mini Bonsai Trees.

Originally from the mountains of China, mini bonsai is a small bonsai plant which only grows in this area. They are also known as shohin-bonsai or mame-bonsai. The largest is about the size of and adults hand in diameter and the smallest that of a childs hand in diameter. Despite being so small in width and height, they still flower fruit in season and age like ordinary bonsai do.  

The Life Of Miniaturized Trees. Mini bonsai bring enjoyment to many people because of their appearance as miniature trees, they are not well known, and they often appear to be difficult to keep in small pots. However the pots limit the growth of the trees because the roots cannot grow freely in a confined space.

Therefore without needing complicated care of any kind the trees exhibit their natural shape on a small scale within the small pot. The tree in its miniaturized form grows the texture of the bark, tiny flowers and fruit in the same way a normal sized tree does.

The materials for growing mini bonsai are cheap, and they can be cared for anywhere. They can be enjoyed and used to decorate any area as they don t require a large space in which to grow. Results can be quite fast from being planted as seeds.  

Where Mini Bonsai Should Be Grown. Although mini bonsai can be treated as a house plant, they do need sunshine for between 3-6 hours a day. Six hours is better as this helps create better conditions for the mini bonsai to develop, grown and for bearing fruit or flowers.
They can be kept in a conservatory, however great care must be taken to ensure that they do not dry out. Good air circulation is needed for preventing disease and pests. Daily watering is required, and they should be fed once every 2 weeks.  

Positioning Of Mini Bonsai Trees. The ideal position for a Mini bonsai is a well ventilated place that faces southeast (in the northern hemisphere) and northwest (in the southern hemisphere) but it has to be shaded from the sun if it is in an area that gets more than six hours per day. The ideal amount of sunlight is up to six hours and this will help your the mini bonsai grow to its full potential.
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