Hobby Bonsai: Tools & Supplies



ASHINAGA Shear - The Ashinaga shear is a basic tool for thinning and defoliating bonsai. Together, the Concave Branch Cutter and the Ashinaga shear are generally considered the two most basic bonsai tools.



Leaf trimmers, also known as defoliating shears, are the preferred tool for removal of unwanted leaves and buds. They allow fast and precise removal of foliage. Very popular for bonsai.

The JR-166 Professional Grade Leaf Trimmer is the most versatile of the leaf trimmers in the JR line because its extended length permits reaching deep with a minimum of disturbance to the surrounding foliage.



This saw is made specifically for cutting dense root stock. The 1” wood handle is 4” long and curved to provide a good grip for working the roots. Its heavy duty blade has a strong pointed tip for probing and 7 teeth/inch for fast cuts. A durable saw for this special task.

6” blade, 10 3/4” overall length.



Our copper wire is fully annealed and ready to use. Copper wire is much stronger than aluminum, and is frequently used in the shaping of branches of trees where the greater holding power is most required. Copper is annealed so it goes on soft, yet takes a "set" that keeps branches in place.


Wire Cutters

Bonsai wire cutters are designed specifically for bonsai wire. Although initiates to bonsai sometimes substitute standard wire cutters, the Japanese have designed these bonsai wire cutters with a rounded head to prevent damage to the branch, and with jaws that cut the wire symmetrically and cleanly. Highly recommended for serious enthusiasts.

Variations in the quality of material and finish are reflected in the price. Smaller wire cutters are also available in most grades.



These pliers, known in Japan as Yattoko, are designed specifically for manipulating bonsai wire when applying and removing wire from trunks and branches. They also find use in repotting operations in tightening tie wires. High carbon steel construction provides durability.

Large Intermediate Wire Pliers have 7/8 in. jaws, and are 9 in. long overall.


One of the most useful bonsai tools, this set of durable jumbo chopsticks is carved from bamboo. Made especially for working soil around bonsai, these hearty bamboo chopsticks are packaged in a set of two in 8-1/2 and 11" lengths.


Bonsai brooms are great for leveling the topsoil after transplanting, dusting off work benches and pottery, and grooming the branches of pines to remove loose pine needles.

The JR- 6003 Bonsai Broom is 6-1/2 inches in length and has medium bristles.


Water Can

Watering with a can is a popular method for small collections and a great way to dispense water soluble fertilizers.

This is the traditional approach and some say, "the only way to water.
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