Monday, April 30, 2012

Classic bonsai masterpieces by William N. Valavanis.

<font size="4" color="0000ff">Full Moon Maple</font><br/><font size="4" color="40800"><i>Acer japonicum</i></font><br><font size="1">Trained from a young container-grown seedling since 1975</font>
<font size="4" color="0000ff">Dwarf Brush Cherry</font><br/><font size="4" color="40800"><i>Eugenia myrtifolia</i></font><br><font size="1">Trained from a rooted cutting since 1969</font>
Dwarf Brush Cherry
Eugenia myrtifolia
Trained from a rooted cutting since 1969

<font size="4" color="0000ff">Porcelain Berry</font><br/><font size="4" color="40800"><i>Ampelopsis brevipeduculata</i></font><br><font size="1">Trained from field-grown seedling since 1985</font>
<font size="4" color="0000ff">Trident Maple (Spring View)</font><br/><font size="4" color="40800"><i>Acer buergerianum</i></font><br><font size="1">Trained from a field-grown nursery stock since 1980</font>
<font size="4" color="0000ff">Scots Pine</font><br/><font size="4" color="40800"><i>Pinus sylvestris</i></font><br><font size="1">Trained from container-grown nursery stock since 1995</font>
<font size="4" color="0000ff">Dwarf Scots Pine</font><br/><font size="4" color="40800"><i>Pinus sylvestris ‘RAF’</i></font><br><font size="1">Trained from a ten year old container-grown seedlings since 1980</font>
<font size="4" color="0000ff">Loose-Flowering Hornbeam (Spring View)</font><br/><font size="4" color="40800"><i>Carpinus laxiflora</i></font><br><font size="1">Also called Red-leaf hornbeam because the new shoots are reddish in color. Spring brings bright yellow flowers. Created from a young seedling for over 35 years</font>
<font size="4" color="0000ff">Seigen Japanese Maple</font><br/><font size="4" color="40800"><i>Acer palmatum ‘Seigen’</i></font><br><font size="1">Trained from a grafted plant since 1980</font>
<font size="4" color="0000ff">Chinese Elm (Spring View)</font><br/><font size="4" color="40800"><i>Ulmus parvifolia</i></font><br><font size="1">Trained from two year old field grown seedlings since 1988</font>
<font size="4" color="0000ff">American Larch</font><br/><font size="4" color="40800"><i>Larix laricina</i></font><br><font size="1">Trained from an ancient collected tree since 1993</font>
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