Most Expensive Bonsai And Ficus Ginseng.


The most expensive bonsai – 2million USD. Yes, this is the price that has been paid for a bonsai.

Following a bit of research I have discovered that people really do have an interest in the price that some will pay for a Ficus Ginseng and for that matter any type of bonsai.

But one thing that has been made starkly clear to me is that price really is quite a subjective topic and that just as two art dealers may disagree on the price of a Rembrandt masterpiece, so too will bonsai collectors.

One thing that can’t be argued is that collectors are willing to pay top dollar for the most expensive bonsai they can get their hands on and that is none more evident than the recent sale of a 300 year old five needle pine which sold for 100,000,000Yen…a lot of zeros…but roughly 1million USD.

most expensive bonsai I have already spoken about this tree in great depth in a previous article but what I have more recently stumbled across is the sale of a 250 year old juniper in 1981.

This tree is the most expensive bonsai ever sold and it went for a reported 2million USD and retains the title as the most expensive bonsai ever sold.

While I couldn’t find a picture of this particular tree, a juniper looks something like this.

Following the burst of the bubble in Japan in the late 80′s, bonsai prices and for that matter bonsai sales dried up until the 2000s when things again started to pick up. Two notable sales were for 600,000USD and 300,000USD, both five needle pines. More recently Japanese collectors such as Daizo Iwasaki have acquired the most expensive bonsai specimens at auction for as much as 180,000USD and 330,000USD.
One ficus ginseng in Vietnam is rumoured to be worth as much as 2-6million USD however this particular collector refuses to advise the original price paid or how old the bonsai actually is.

most expensive bonsai
Again an auction may be the only way to put a reasonable market price on this specimen. But while on the topic of ficus ginseng, one sold recently for around 60,000USD and according to reports weighed as much as 500lbs making it the most expensive bonsai of its variety.

Looking at eBay and Amazon some sellers are pricing their bonsai as high as 10,500USD and 8,901USD respectively.

With some of these listings

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