Thursday, September 12, 2013

California Junipers: Buruhōn (Dedicated to Mr. Harry Hirao).

This is the name Harry gave to this tree when I collected it. He said it had a tenjin (apex) like a Buruhon (bullhorn).

I call it Bullhorn too. This is the tree I had collected when I came across the stupid little tree I tripped over while plodding down the hill with this tree.

It is easy to see why tripping over a small juniper and seeing this beauty fly thru the air perhaps breaking that bullhorn off was painfull.

Physically and metaphorically speaking.








This last picture is from 2009. It has had its share of ups and down. The foliage on this tree is rather blue and it has always been weak. Fertlizer does not seem to really give it a boost and it will grow well and then recede. It was repotted in 2010 into a more traditional pot with more room and I have a larger crown with which to play.  More to come on this one.


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