Thursday, March 24, 2016

Collecting Wild Plants: Privet/Ligustrum ovalfolium Progression Series (Part IV).

This tree and a number of other stumps came from a hedge on the England/Wales border (in Shropshire) that had to be grubbed-up to make way for building work.

This picture shows the hedge after it had been dug up and bought to my house in August 2004. August isn't a good time of the year to dig up trees.

January 2014:

Since this article was last updated in the summer of 2011, the Privet bonsai has continued to develop and evolve as the tree is repeatedly pruned and defoliated.

These images were taken after defoliating and pruning the bonsai during the Winter of 2014, during a photo session for the re-printing of Bonsai Inspirations 1

The back of the Privet bonsai. January 2014: After 9.5 years of development, the ramification of the Privet has increased greatly.
privet bonsai

privet bonsai

privet bonsai

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