As living trees, bonsai are susceptible to insect attacks and disease.

As living trees, bonsai are susceptible to insect attacks and disease. Preventive and corrective measures include:
• Keeping your bonsai in good health, since insects and bacteria tend to attack weak trees
• Giving your tree ample light, fresh air and ventilation
• Keeping the soil free of spent blooms and fallen leaves etc. You may also use an insecticidal soap spray which is not harmful to humans or animals. This soap derivative, however, may require more than one application to control the insect population. It's also a good idea to use this spray weekly to prevent any attacks.
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Trees & Leaves Suitable For Bonsai Culture.
Since the aim of bonsai is to mirror in miniature the whole form of a mature wild tree, care is needed when choosing
varieties for bonsai culture, for the parts of the tree should always remain reasonably in scale.
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2 commenti :

  1. Little white bugs in my Fukien Tea Bonsai soil. Harmful? Pic Included.

    1. I noticed these little white bugs in my tree's soil the other day and was wondering if these are aphids/soil mites/etc. and if they are harmful?

      If they are, any recommendations for treatment?


      10.5 year old Fukien Tea Bonsai

      Pic 1

      Pic 2