Analysis of what 'works' and what 'does not work' in the creation of bonsai: Trunk Rules.

To create a Bonsai, you must follow certain rules.

While you can add a little of your own creativity, the fact remains that the guidelines are set in place for a reason.

When learning how to grow and train Bonsai, these “rules” will be invaluable.

To create a Bonsai, you must follow certain rules.

The Rules of Bonsai.

The great thing is that with so much historical information passed down from China and Japan, you already have much ofthe guesswork done for you.
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Trunk Rules. 

To help you understand these rules, you can use the Nebari and trunk rules as outlined below. Just remember that by following these simple rules, you can create a stunning Bonsai of your own.

• The trunk should lean slightly and when displayed, be leaning in the direction of the viewer.
• The Trunk should have a slight flare at the base, which helps visually to anchor the look of the Bonsai.
• The overall height of the Bonsai should be six times the height of the trunk’s caliper.
• The roots should radiate from the trunk’s flare.
• The apex should also lean, again toward the viewer.
• As the trunk ascends, it should begin to taper.
• No roots should be poking out at the viewer’s level.
• Any grafts should match the scion and under stock, which will keep them from being from being obtrusive
• Any curves in the trunk should not be rounded at the viewer’s level.
• The apex should always finish in the same direction as the base and that particular flow should then be maintained.
• The trunk line should never move back onto itself – although a little hard to understand, it has to do with the flow and balance of the tree. If the trunk should move back onto itself, you would see a “C” shape.

For the Informal Upright style, keep the “S” to a limit or the tree will be too overwhelming.
• For the Information and Formal Upright styles, the apex should be grown over the base.
• The Bonsai tree should have just one apex.
• Any twin trunks should be divided at the base and no higher.
• As the tree ascends, curves should grow closer together.
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